BIOWEAVES - Luxurious Organic Cotton Bedding

Luxury, that our environment agrees with!

Having run a textile business for 6 years and closely understanding the impact of conventional manufacturing on our environment, I realised the need for change and fast!

BIOWEAVES is a product of that thought and is founded with the belief that Luxury and Sustainability must go hand-in-hand.

– Nikunj Amlani

Our Philosophy

We believe that all products we make and buy as a society can be rooted in a conscious thought for their impact on our planet. Ours is an attempt to create an ethical textile company that not only cares about making the most comfortable bedding for your homes, but also cares about the people who make them & the environment around them. From the hands that sow the cotton seeds to the bag in which we send our products to you, every step, individual and process involved is thoughtfully dealt with, making them some of the softest, most durable and happy sheets you can buy.

We have committed ourselves to using only organic cotton to make luxurious cotton bedding for your homes.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic Cotton production has so many advantages for everyone from the producer to the end user over conventional cotton production that its almost a no brainer to switch completely to organic.

Conventional cotton (GMO cotton) has over the years earned the title of the ‘dirtiest crop’ as it sprayed with the worst pesticides. It uses 2.5% of the cultivated land globally while 16% of the world’s pesticides. These toxic chemicals then go on to pollute waterways and start damaging the health of the farmers and communities residing there. The finished products made using conventional cotton are also contaminated, harming the end consumers using them.

Organic cotton (Non GMO cotton) is completely non-toxic as it isn’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides & genetically modified organisms. Organic cotton production has a much lower environmental footprint as it uses significantly less water and energy than conventional cotton. Organic cotton production not just impacts the health of farming communities in a positive way but also improves their earning & quality of life. And the end consumers get to use completely non-toxic products while benefiting the entire ecosystem.


Our cotton is sourced from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) accredited farms & co-operatives in India. These bodies not only ensure production level compliance for the GOTS standard but also treat their farming communities responsibly. India has been a leader in organic cotton production and exports high quality organic cotton made ups around the world.

GOTS Certification

Global Organic Textile Standard is the standard for processing organic fibres, keeping their ecological and social criteria under check and is the premier standard certification worldwide. It is also supported by a certification from the entire supply chain of textiles, independently.
GOTS certification controls the usage of toxic materials and chemicals that are utilised in the production of textiles and is one of the toughest standards to achieve. These standards are followed at every step of the production process, making it highly comprehensive and sought after.


India has not created a name for itself globally for being the hub of high quality cotton bedding manufacturing. Generations of experience in weaving, fabric processing & sewing have produced some of the finest craftsmen in our industry. We have managed bringing together some of the finest people to create our organic cotton bedding range.

Minimal Packaging

All packaging material used to pack our products is selected keeping their environmental impact in mind. Each product is carefully packaged in a reusable fabric bag which can be subsequently used for various other purposes. Our entire packaging is completely recyclable and 100% plastic free. Nothing from your purchase will go to a landfill.

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