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GOTS Certification

Global Organic Textile Standard is the standard for processing organic fibres, keeping their ecological and social criteria under check and is the premier standard certification worldwide. It is also supported by a certification from the entire supply chain of textiles, independently.
GOTS certification controls the usage of toxic materials and chemicals that are utilised in the production of textiles and is one of the toughest standards to achieve. These standards are followed at every step of the production process, making it highly comprehensive and sought after.

To be GOTS certified, an ‘organic’ textile must

  • Have at least 95% organic fibre
  • Be separated from conventional fibres and clearly demarcated as so.
  • Cut the use of chlorine based bleach, GMOs, heavy metals, formaldehyde and other toxic materials
  • Be coloured naturally or using non-toxic dyes
  • Meet the technical parameters like rubbing, washing fastness and shrinkage values.
  • Meet the limits for residual products.
  • Be produced in a setting where farmers, employees and the earth are given utmost respect and social and environmental standards are adhered to.
  • Meet the guidelines set by the International Labour Organisation.

BioWeaves is a proud GOTS certified practice which asserts the regulations laid under GOTS during all levels of production. Thus, we assure you that our products are of top-notch quality.

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