BIOWEAVES - Luxurious Organic Cotton Bedding

Why Organic Cotton?

As the masses become conscious of environmental hazards, Fashion gravitates towards sustainability too. Conventional cotton is grown with the help of pesticides and insecticides which are rich in toxic chemicals, some of them being highly poisonous. A farmer cultivating conventional cotton is more prone to carcinogenic chemicals and aren’t given their due share of Fair Trade, either. Organic Cotton, on the other hand, builds your soil from the ground up and keeps chemicals at bay, which in turn promotes a healthier life for farmers and marine animals too. Reducing surface run-offs and making use of fewer amounts of water in its production, Organic Cotton optimises the resources being used in its manufacturing. Organic Cotton produces 46% less carbon dioxide and is coloured using chemical-free dyes. Since it minimises the use of synthetic chemicals, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

The strength of Organic Cotton fibres is unmatched compared to Conventional Cotton due to the absence of materials that weaken the thread and degrade its softness. This is another reason why Organic Cotton feels better against our skins. Conventional cotton also goes through rigorous post-processing with high volumes of chemical use which is eliminated in the production of Organic Cotton. It is much safer and A completely bio-degradable option for you!

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